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JAR Music | Rebranding

Re-Branding for the Jar Music Group’s all new platform Jar Music Live. The Jar Music Group are one of the top names in the music industry in the UK. With a number of accomplishments, they have had Top 20 radio hits, #1 videos on VH1, performances on a variety of TV shows, artists signed to major records labels supporting international Artists’ at stadium level, host festivals across the world and have graced the covers of major magazines.

The birth of Jar Music Live was created to build a bridge between the artist & the Jar Music Group. Unlike their current ‘business’ website, the aim of Jar Music Live was to create a much more friendlier identity towards musicians without loosing their branding. The Jar Music Group branding has always had a very controlled ‘futuristic’ ambience throughout their site & promotional material. Jar Music live’s re-branding was to keep this feel but to add a more ‘rock’ approach to it.

The design was inspired by 80’s electronic-pop artwork mixed with live photography. The website’s interface was also simplified down to solid shapes creating a very simple but colourful experience for the user. (Created at Keyhole Productions)