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Moving On Moving In | Digital Kiosk

Moving On Moving In is a Digital Kiosk created for the Plus Dane Neighbourhood Investors Group. The project also known as MOMI is a digital hub of information & directory of services to help young people who are moving into their own home for the first time. MOMI is provided on a USB dongle attached to each new house holder’s keys for when they move in for the first time. To make the project accessible for everyone, MOMI was created on the Adobe Flash Platform which is found of 99% of all internet enabled desktop computers in the world.

The identity & characters was born out of many workshops & hands on time with a variety of young people. The research & feedback from the young people helped me to create the style of the characters, the colour schemes & even the general feel & pace of the user-interface. (Created at Keyhole Productions)

Try HERE (Flash Player required)